Harker & Sons, LC

members since December 2009 (story coming soon)

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Milkstan Dairy


Milkstan Dairy is located about 4 miles southwest of Delta.  Tony and Kris Stanworth own and operate the dairy.  They […]

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Doubletree Dairy Farms

Bill Wright Cow Show

Members since January 2005: Doubletree Dairy Farm is focusing on Breeding, working with, and developing the best Holstein Dairy Cows […]

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Andrade Dairy & Farms

Andrade BarnHouse

Established in 1981 by Joe and Gloria Andrade and their children Cindy and David members since August 2003. They ran […]

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Crossroads Dairy, LLC

Crossroads Dairy

Crossroads Dairy’s story is one of “Modern Day American Pioneers”.  Bob Viveiros, born & raised on his Dad’s California dairy, […]

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