Where did “Utah Farms” come from?

Over two years ago, 10 dairyman came together to discuss how they could take control of their own “destiny”. These dairymen had a vision to take their milk, and get it to those families who were looking for local, wholesome fresh milk. Ideas were thrown around and discussed and they decided to hear what the Utah families wanted.

They combined their efforts with Jeff Manning, the co-creator of the “Got Milk?” campaign launched in 1993. Focus research groups were set up with Utah moms, the gatekeepers to the fridge. If Utah mom’s hearts weren’t in it, the brand would not succeed. Many things were put in front of these moms to see what they were looking for in the milk they served their families. After a year of intense research and many sessions and groups with local Utah moms, there was a resounding answer…

“Utah Milk for Utah Families”

The message was simple; they didn’t want calcium fortified or vitamin enriched milk. They wanted local milk, as fresh and as wholesome as it could be and the “Utah Farms” brand was born.

Based on the packaging and research, Smiths Foods agreed to distribute Utah Farms Milk in their Utah stores for the 2009 holiday season. According to Smiths, it is clear that the Utah Farms brand is right on trend, appeals to the larger families it serves and holds real, long term potential.

The dairymen also plan to license the Utah Farms brand to food companies in and beyond the dairy industry. According to Manning, “The licensing potential for Utah Farms is significant. Imagine Utah Farms yogurt, Ice Cream or even bread.”