Milkstan Dairy

Milkstan Dairy is located about 4 miles southwest of Delta.  Tony and Kris Stanworth own and operate the dairy.  They were both introduced into the dairy business when they were young and have been interested in it ever since.

Tony has been milking cows since the early 1960’s when they shipped the milk in cans to the Brooklawn Creamery in Delta, Utah. He helped with the farming operation and did much custom work in his late teen years.  From this meager start the dairy has grown to what it is now.  The family has been involved since the beginning and is still involved now.

Kris’s grandfather owned a dairy in Coalville, Utah and she started helping at an early age.  As a teenager she helped with the care of both cows and calves and helped with harvesting hay and grains.

Tony’s father, Conard Stanworth, built the dairy facility that Tony is milking in now in 1972 with the help of Tony and Tony’s brothers and mother.  This facility has been owned and operated by the Stanworth family since then.

Tony has been involved with the dairy until 1993 when he and Kris were offered the opportunity to buy the cows and lease the dairy facilities from Tony’s father.  Since then Tony and Kris have milked their cows there with the help of their children.

Rain, snow or shine the cows always have to be milked, fed and cared for.  Knowing this has made the dairy a prime place to teach their children the importance of hard work and dependability.  Hard work has its own way of teaching how to meet a challenge and  work through hard times.

When asked why they stay in the business, Tony answers that he is too old to start over and too young to quit.  Tony and Kris enjoy the challenge and the pride in producing a quality product.

Along with the dairy, Tony serves as regional representative for the Utah Dairy Commission.


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