Doubletree Dairy Farms

Members since January 2005: Doubletree Dairy Farm is focusing on Breeding, working with, and developing the best Holstein Dairy Cows available today. With our 50+ years experience we have have found that productive cattle that also have a more desirable comformation are more enjoyable to work with. We enjoy working with cattle that are pleasant to work with and have exceptional, comformational feet, legs and mamary.

We are a family run farm that enjoys working with and caring for our cattle. Our goal is to not only breed, but to work with the best cattle possible. Over the years we have partnered with several animals which we have helped grow and develop and eventually show in the big shows. We appreciate those great individual animals and their breeders for allowing us the opportunity to work with their great cattle.

Our philosophy is simple, we use all modern tools available for sire selection. However we use what we think is missing for most dairymen that is the look/see method. We believe a very important tool in breeding is to actually see the bulls daughters and dams when ever possible. In todays environment it takes a little more effort. The current Holstein lists of bulls in dairy magazines is nice reading material but often fails to factor in the most important traits we should be using.

We go to great lengths to determine how to use each bull correctly. We believe by making as correct a mating as possible we can have some assurance we will continue to develop great individuals.


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