Crossroads Dairy, LLC

Crossroads Dairy’s story is one of “Modern Day American Pioneers”.  Bob Viveiros, born & raised on his Dad’s California dairy, recognized economic concerns in that State back in the 1990’s. Researching other States for a possible healthier economic environment, as well as healthier family environment, landed him on choosing Utah.  His cousin, Tony Cabral, also raised in dairy, heard of Bob’s attempts to move to Utah, and wanted to be on board.  May of 1999, Bob & Tony started their dairy in Delta, Utah, with nothing but prayers, dairy know-how, and hard working ethics.  They left all that they knew behind for a better future.   Family and their Christian beliefs being priority, has seen them through years of hard work and hard times.  They have grown a beautiful herd of dairy cows and produce high quality milk.  Tony’s grown sons, Anthony & Tim started working at the family farm in 2005.  Bob’s son, Michael,  6 yrs old, helps his Dad when possible.  The sons have helped in growing a strong herd of Holsteins and Jersey cows.  Utah Farms Milk is much the same story in pioneering into new efforts to survive.  Years of hard work has gone into the “Utah Farms” dairymen’s group, all with high standards in dairying.   Supporting your local farmers is key to our country’s survival, and Lord willing, prosperity.


  1. Jamie Escobia says:

    Thank you Cross Roads Dairy for making it possible to be a part of such an industrious revolution!!! Keep up the hard work & keep that wonderful chocolate milk coming 🙂

  2. Seth Morris says:

    I am looking for any kind of dairy work for the summer and am available now, so if there is anything possible there for me labor work wise or so then could you please get back to me as soon as you possibly can please? and also if you happen to know of anyone else at all even other than dairy work too looking for a person willing to work very hard n smart, then can you please call me or tell them to call me please?? my # is (435)406-4958….Thanks Seth

  3. Allen larsen says:

    I heard you raise mini cows. Do you sell them as well. Is there a site I can go to for more info.

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