Andrade Dairy & Farms

Established in 1981 by Joe and Gloria Andrade and their children Cindy and David members since August 2003.

They ran the family farm by purchasing 60 Holstein cows and started milking and farming in Hilmar, California. Gloria milked cows while Joe took care of the outside chores, and Cindy and David helped where they could.

The family dairy did well and the herd continued to grow with calves maturing into cows over the years. The Andrade Family was milking over 500 Holstein cows when Joe and Gloria were finally looking to purchase a dairy that was large enough to accommodate all the herd’s cows and young stock, and still have room to grow.

With limited expansion abilities and high land values in California, Joe and Gloria moved their family farm to Utah’s Millard County where they purchased their own land in 1993. Quickly brush ground was developed into the family’s new dairy facility with their house above the milk barn.

Cindy left for college and majored in Communications with an English minor, and David was given more responsibility in caring for the milk cows. David graduated from Delta High School and then pursued college at Southern Utah University where he majored in Music Education. After he graduated he taught music at Delta Middle School.

The Andrade Dairy and Farms were expanded in 2004 to include another dairy in Sanpete county. In 2007, as Joe was transporting feed to the Sanpete county Dairy; he lost control of his truck when the front tire blew and passed away. David stepped away from teaching to help his mother manage both dairies.

Gloria and David love working in the Dairy Industry and look forward to the launch of “Utah Farms” chocolate milk and eggnog.

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  1. Mario gonzalez says:

    my name is Mario GOnzalez &&’ i remmember when i worked for you guys…
    also i am sorry for your loss of joe andrade.
    I hope everything in your buisness goes well..
    &&’ i send my hello’s to Gloria and her son David..(:

  2. Katherine Clark says:


  3. michael.rembao says:

    i am so sorry about your huspand i know how it feels because i lost a love one i sure hope his in heaven because for wat i read he was a great man god bless you all

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