Delta Processing Plant Under Construction

To all our valued customers:

First, we would like to thank all of our local customers for your support and loyalty to our Utah Farms Chocolate Milk.  Please accept our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience of not having any product available at this time.  We are in the process of constructing our processing plant in Delta, Utah that will give Utah Farms the opportunity to offer more products to our customers.  In the past we’ve had only chocolate milk quarts available, with this new processing facility we will be able to offer pints, and gallons of our delicious chocolate milk and add white milk as well in these sizes.

Along with those products we will have our seasonal eggnog available from November through January of each year.  Our product will be the same great taste and local label everyone is accustom to, with a slightly different packaging that we feel showcases our product in a more familiar and natural way.  We will keep all of our customers informed of our progress.  Utah Farms is expecting to resume deliveries of product to stores by mid November 2011.

Again, we thank each and every one of our customers for your loyalty and apologize for the inconvenience.

Utah Farms, LLC

Your local producers:
Andrade Dairy & Farms–Crossroads Dairy – Doubletree Dairy Farm – Harker& Son Dairy – Milkstan Dairy

Tis the Season….

Eggnog bottleWith the temperatures dropping that can only mean one thing…… time to bust out the Eggnog!!  Still working on the details, but “Utah Farms” eggnog will be available in Smiths stores this Holiday Season. Goal date Oct 20th.  To get everyone else in the Eggnog mindset, here is a little article about the sweet tasting nectar we know and love.

Daily Herald

Divco Truck

1970 Divco truck

1970 Divco truck

We recently finished the restoration of this 1970 Divco milk truck.  Check  out our facebook page for more pictures.  Let the fun times begin!!

If you are interesting in the history of the “Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company (D.I.V.CO.)”  visit here.

“Eat-Local” Thanksgiving Dinner

Utah Farms has teamed up with the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake for what is believed to be the first ever “eat-local” Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless this year.

The dinner will feature food farmed and produced locally in Utah.  Much of the food is being donated by local companies like Utah Farms.

Utah Farms’ donations and involvement is  their way of giving back while encouraging people to buy local.

The Rescue Mission does not receive any government funds, so donations are encouraged at their website. They do have other services they offer their guests including addiction recovery and job placement assistance.

If you have any questions or comments visit our “contact us” page or visit the Rescue Mission’s website.

In Delta!!

On the shelf!!Still working on all the details but we have finally made it to Delta, Utah.  Most of the dairymen behind this exciting new label are in the Delta area as well as the “Utah Farms” headquarters.  Because of that, Smiths has given us permission to bring the milk closer to the home.  Thank you Smiths!!

Thank you!

First off, we would like to thank everyone out there that made our first run such a huge success!  By the time it hit the Smith’s shelves it was gone in less than a week!!

The second batch was delivered and is back on the shelf.

We would also like to tell everyone what a great time we had at the High School State Cross Country Meet.  We gave the runners Chocolate Milk after they finished their runs, and the look on their faces when they received the milk was priceless.  Some even left their water so they could drink their Chocolate milk.  Big smile on a dairyman’s face watching that.

Almost as popular as the Chocolate milk were the “Got Chocolate Milk?” shirts we were wearing.  If you are interested in these shirts, add us as a  friend on Facebook and we will have little contests where people can win free T-shirts!